Ian Griffiths Professional Dog Trainer, gun dog training, and family protection dog trainer Welcome to the Professional Dog Training website.

Professional Dog Training is run by Ian Griffiths, a highly experienced dog trainer. All training is held at his dedicated Training Centre in Rainford, St. Helens near Liverpool, Merseyside. Home visits can be undertaken by prior arrangement if necessary.

With years of professional experience in training all types of dogs, Professional Dog Training is now available to all owners wishing to get the best from their dogs. We prefer to train dogs at our Centre of Excellence with no distractions which can occur during­ general dog training classes. One to One Dog training is the best solution.

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No matter how badly behaved you think your pet is, we have the experience and knowledge to help you get the well behaved pet you have always wanted.­

Why Choose Us?

You must make sure when choosing a dog trainer that you contact a professional­.­

Professional Dog Training has over 30 years experience in the dog training environment. Anyone can claim to be a dog trainer and/or sell you a dog. It is difficult to tell who is telling the truth, particularly on the internet. It is very easy to make ­claims about how good you are and about the success you have had training dogs - people are frequently taken in by inexperienced trainers. We can actually show you trained dogs and effective techniques based on real dog training/dog psychology principles that are proven to work time and time again.


Other dog trainer professionals consult us with their problems and attend our training sessions

We are recommended by veterinary surgeons who have witnessed the improvements we have brought about in dogs attending our training sessions.

Dog groomers, dog walkers and boarding kennels all recommend Professional Dog Training.

Quote: "I have watched in awe as Ian has triumphed where other trains have already failed by saving many aggressive dogs from being destroyed, literally turning them around into well-behaved, manageable dogs.­ " Gary McCarthy


Please Contact Us­

­Tel: 07940 194 022­­
Email: griffithsdogtraining@gmail.com
If your dog's behaviour does not improve as a result of our dog training m­ethods, we offer a money back guarantee.­­­

No Gimmicks, No Tricks
We Won't Wa­ste Your Time
or Your Money
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