Dog Display Gallery

These are a selection of photographs taken at the many Dog Displays that we attend. If you would like the Professional Dog Training team to visit an event you are organising please contact
Funding raising for Shooting Star Hospice during Charity Gun Dog Competition.

Ian competing with Ches.

Ian providing commentary at dog training demonstrations Cheshire Game and Angling Fair.

Annie the Malinois taking part in demonstration at Country Fair.

Annie  back to heel after detaining criminal.

As well as protection dog demonstrations, Ian's gun dogs are also in demand.

The chase and attack demonstration is always exciting.

Ian's Malinois Paco holding the criminal following stick attack.

Paco shows how pleased he is to be working for Professional Dog Training.

Nine month old Malinois Koba demonstrating handling defence.

Paco fully committed in his attack agains gunman.

Our Protection Dogs are so highly trained that two dogs can be deployed on the same criminal.

Two Malinois safely detain this criminal.

Koba demonstrates a full hard bite even at 9 months old.

Good hard attack on a dangerous criminal by Malinois Paco.

This Malinois protects his handler from a full on frontal attack.

To a Malinois this work is play.

Ian provides security dog teams for displays and demonstrations.


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­If you would like the PWD Professional Dog Training Display Team to attend at any event or display, please contact us.

Tel: 07940 194022
The chase and attack demonstration is always exciting.
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