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All dogs are different. ­It does not matter how your dog thinks, we've got the experience and knowledge to adopt the appropriate training methods suitable for you and perhaps more importantly your dog.
Some dogs and their owners are not suited to a training class environment which can be too distracting. All our dog and puppy training is undertaken at our Centre of Excellence training facility where your­ dog will have the dog trainer's attention 100% of the time during the sessions. Our dog training is tailored to suit your specific pet training needs.­

Labradors attention focussed on dog trainer during dog training Good Behaviour and Basic Obedience
Everyone wants to have a well behaved dog they can be proud of and it makes dogs more fun to be around. Obedience training also helps your dog to see you as the pack leader. Some commands, like a good recall, may even save your dog's life one day. Some basic commands: sit, down, stay, come, walking to heel.

Puppy training should start at an early age Puppy training/handling as a foundation for a well balanced dog
Your puppy needs the best start you can give him. Incorrect handling or following the wrong advice at this important stage of development can cause serious problems later.

German Shepherd undergoing remedial dog training Problem Dogs/Remedial Training
Many dog owners are referred to us having already attended training classes only to find them unsuccessful due to a number of reasons. Many dominant or aggressive dogs can be made much worse by attending training classes and corrective training may be needed.

Guidance is needed if this game is not to develop into bad habitsy training needed ­Problem Solving
Most of these behaviors are easy to fix with clear guidance and understanding. Some of the most common dog problems are:
Barking, Begging, Jumping Up, Chewing, Digging, Mouthing, Licking, Biting, Separation Anxiety, Generally Destructive.

These habits are annoying but they can mean your dog is stressed or anxious and it is their way of dealing with it.


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Two of Ian's labradors out at work
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