Here are just a few of the many testimonials we receive.

Ivan Rolls & Sam previously a dominant aggressive German Shepherd now a highly trained dog. Ivan Rolls & Sam
Having spent almost a year trying to get my highly dominant, aggressive German Shepherd under control and spending vast amounts of time and money with various training methods and trainers, I came across Professional Dog Training on the internet and took him to Ian Griffiths for assessment and training. If there was ever a turning point in our lives as dog and handler then that decision was it! Now just a few short months on I have a dog that is under complete control at all times. He is so much happier in himself now and I am over the moon that we have gone from being ‘the ones to avoid’ at training classes to the level we are at now where some of the top professional dog trainers in the area are saying how well behaved and highly trained my dog is! That’s all thanks to the UK’s answer to ‘The Dog Whisperer’ that is Ian Griffiths. ­Thank you Ian for everything.

L.W. Edwards B.E.M ­
I have known Ian Griffiths for over 20 years, we have trained and worked together in the field of dog training. Without hesitation, Ian is one of the most accomplished trainers I have ever met and highly rated throughout the country. As an instructor he has the unique ability to impart his vast knowledge to his students in a friendly and likeable manner. He has both practical skills and a great deal of experience in competitions and the trials scene.

Gary McCarthy, BSc (Hons)­
His gundog and personal protection dog displays are met with amazement whenever Ian demonstrates his unique approach to dog training. The crowds watch intently as the demonstrations progress and are followed by huge applause when they end. A throng of eager people fire questions after every event trying to gain any tips from Ian, often asking him to help train their dogs.

I have watched in awe as Ian has triumphed where other trains have already failed by saving many aggressive dogs from being destroyed, literally turning them around into well-behaved, manageable dogs.­

Ian Griffith's with Barry's 2 year old Rottweiler Barry Prescot, Merseyside (not pictured)­
I have a two year old male Rottweiler, he is huge and I decided that obedience classes would be beneficial. At approximately 9 months old we attended classes only to find that other excitable dogs there had a detrimental effect on my dog. The instructors appeared reluctant to address my dog's behaviour which, as he grew in size and maturity became dominant/aggressive. I met Ian Griffiths one day by accident as we bumped into each other whilst walking dogs. He impressed me as someone who knew exactly what he was talking about and I soon booked some dog handling lessons with him. The transformation in my dog's behaviour was astounding. Using Ian's methods I can now walk my dog off the lead with other dogs, he is obedient and altogether a far happier dog to own.

I always tell people Ian Griffiths is Merseyside's own “Dog Whisperer” and would recommend anyone with a “difficult dog to contact him sooner rather than later.”

Derek Amos with his labrador retriever Derek Amos, Liverpool
“I several years ago bought a Labrador retriever dog from Ian Griffiths,“Chubb” is an excellent, well trained gundog that is a pleasure to own. Since owning “Chubb” I have became more and more interested in gundog training and now pick up on local shoots whenever possible.

I have recently, with Ian’s guidance, acquired a second Labrador and his training under Ian’s tuition is progressing remarkably well. I wholeheartedly recommend Ian Griffiths as a first class dog trainer, instructor and canine behaviourist and would endorse his methods 100%.

Neil Trimnell with his bull terrier cross Neil Trimnell
Ian Griffiths has trained dogs for my family since I was a small boy. My father first went to Ian for dog handling lessons with our first German Shepherd dog years ago and since then we have consulted Ian on the acquisition and training of a gundog (which resulted in both my father and I winning in working tests for retrievers). Now I own a bull terrier cross and again consulted Ian on her training.

His ability and understanding in the handling and training of dogs is truly amazing and he is always our first choice whenever advice or training is needed.

3 year old cross breed dog trained by Ian Griffiths Angela Bent - Pet Owner, Cheshire
I would like to say a big thank you to Ian Grffiths for teaching me how to handle my dog. Stella was a lovely 3 year old cross breed, but I am sure she thinks she is a husky pulling a sled and has been dragging me round on walks since we adopted her from Dogs Trust.

She also gets scared around other dogs when she is on her lead, it's very embarrassing and potentially dangerous when she barks and bares her teeth.
Within 5 minutes Ian had her walking perfectly to heel and even more amazingly had me walking with Stella and one of his dogs, Bernie - two leads in one hand and Stella was not trying to kill anyone. Both dogs were happy walking together. It was an amazing feeling!

Gary McCarthy with his Labrador Gary McCarthy, Heswall Wirral
“I have been involved in shooting all my life though never had a gundog of my own until I bought my part trained cocker spaniel bitch from Ian Griffiths over ten years ago. From the start she was an excellent gundog and the ideal loyal co­mpanion. Now retired after many seasons as a gundog of which I have been really proud, Lisa is a pet and when I needed a replacement the obvious person to ask for advice was Ian. He found a black Labrador pup and has overseen his training from the outset; “Bryn” is now 20 months old and has already won me his first trophy and works picking up two days a week. I have a really well trained gundog of which I can be proud thanks to Ian’s expert guidance; I cannot recommend Ian Griffiths highly enough to anyone needing the services of a Dog Trainer or Dog Behaviour Consultant.


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